Mahir Yildiz was born in Germany and grew up in the third generation with more than one culture. He graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in theater, film and media studies and continues to have his center of life in this city. In addition to film, the media artist is also involved in other art forms such as interactive exhibitions and music and is furthermore the co-founder of „Gleisdreieck – Kollektiv zur Förderung von Kunst, Kultur und gesellschaftlicher Auseinandersetzung“. In recent years he has worked with important state and public institutions such as the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the Vienna Chamber of Labour, the City of Vienna, think.difference and the Vienna Children’s and Youth Advocacy, to name a few. In the foreground of his artistic work is the critical examination of current issues in the social, societal and political spheres.

Collaborations and productions/projects within Kollektiv Gleisdreieck to date: