Kollektiv Gleisdreieck, established by Mahir Yildiz and Mateusz Wiglinzki, regards itself as an association of international art and cultural producers who undertake their work thematically with the focus on societal dispute.

In the foreground of our work lies a critical debate of current topics within the societal, social and political fields.  These are overall topics concerning generations and identity which influence our everyday life. It is an important concern to us not to operate as ethical exemplars but always to thematically illuminate two poles of a spectrum, to pose the right questions, provide thought-provoking input and encourage participation on societal themes.

Beside our competence in the creative sector we also offer a wealth of experience in the social domain which enables us to see the perspective of those who are considered as more humble participants in our society. Our variety of different cultural backgrounds makes it possible for us as a collective to not only take different points of view and mindsets into consideration within our work but also to feel empathy for the topics and individuals concerned.