Jonas Scheiner (*1990) is a writer, cultural developer, moderator and language mediator in Vienna. As co-founder of the Viennese cultural label FOMP, Austria’s largest organiser of stage literature, he shaped the cultural landscape in Vienna and Lower Austria for around ten years (until the beginning of 2022) and promoted the visibility of modern art formats. Between spring 2020 and summer 2022, he was also the artistic director of the Amstetten cabaret stage das mozArt.

As a stage writer, Scheiner has been active throughout Europe since 2012 and has participated in various national and international poetry slam championships, such as the 2017 Poetry Slam World Championship in Paris. His greatest successes on slam stages so far are the title of Austrian Champion in a team, which he has already won twice (2018/2021) together with Henrik Szanto aka ‚Kirmes Hanoi‘, as well as the runner-up title at the German-speaking Championships 2018, also as a duo.
His stage texts have appeared in various anthologies and literary magazines. In addition to texts for stage and books, Scheiner also wrote for the ORF online magazine ‚M eins‘ for a year and kept a regular video blog there with text contributions on contemporary topics.
In addition to stage and book texts, Scheiner writes literary wedding speeches for free wedding ceremonies.

Away from the stage, Scheiner is active in various areas of cultural development. In 2018, as project manager of the Viennese agency MOSAIK, he was responsible for the artistic and logistical implementation of the international cultural festival Routes – Die Europareise in the middle of Vienna, which was awarded the Europe State Prize and commissioned by the Federal Chancellery of Austria to design the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
Scheiner also designs and facilitates creative writing and performance workshops for children, young people and adults from a wide range of age groups and backgrounds, and has already done so in cooperation with institutions such as the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Robert Musil Institute, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Red Cross.

Since summer 2022, Scheiner has been involved in the project design of the Viennese collective Gleisdreieck.

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project design


Adriana was raised in Bamberg where she started acting at the age of 10 in her parents‘ theatre. After her schooling she studied theatre, film and media at the University of Vienna and worked together with national and international theatre companies. From 2014 to 2018 Adriana continued her studies in the practical field of theatre pedagogy in Vienna and Heidelberg. As a freelancer she has overseen a bunch of different theatre and art projects and worked for several companies as a cultural and touring manager. Adriana is Co-founder of the festival and music collective Journey to Tarab and is producing together with Mateusz Wiglinzki and Max Mutz the new Gleisdreieck project ENE MENE SZENE

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Mahir Yildiz was born in Germany and grew up in the third generation with more than one culture. He graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in theater, film and media studies and continues to have his center of life in this city. In addition to film, the media artist is also involved in other art forms such as interactive exhibitions and music and is furthermore the co-founder of „Gleisdreieck – Kollektiv zur Förderung von Kunst, Kultur und gesellschaftlicher Auseinandersetzung“. In recent years he has worked with important state and public institutions such as the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the Vienna Chamber of Labour, the City of Vienna, think.difference and the Vienna Children’s and Youth Advocacy, to name a few. In the foreground of his artistic work is the critical examination of current issues in the social, societal and political spheres.

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Florian Hack has lived in Vienna since 2014. Raised in Frankfurt, he left there to take study journalism and has worked since then in different corporations and a variety of projects as a PR advisor. Aside of his job Florian often involves himself in one way or another in his friends’ projects. For the short film “The Absent Tense” by Mateusz Wiglinzki Florian built a rain machine and was responsible for the special effects on set. For the social project “Echte Helden sind anders” by Mahir Yildiz Florian operated in his usual role as a press officer and took care of the social media presence. Flo is open and enthusiastic for all kinds of topics which are characterized by message and team spirit and would be also available as a guitarist, graphic designer, host and all press related work.

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2017 August

Echte Helden sind anders

pr officer


die versiegelte Zeit  engl. title: the absent tense

short film

special effects


Ibrahim Amir was born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1984. He started to study theatre and media studies at the University of Aleppo but after three semesters he was expelled because of his activity in a Kurdish student organisation. In 2002 Amir moved to Vienna where he took up medical studies which he has successfully completed. Already during his time as a student, he started to write plays in German. His plays have now been translated into a variety of languages including English, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Japanese.

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Echte Helden sind anders

script coach


Kein Krieg ist Heilig