The Corona pandemic had all hit us hard but we could not resist to use the additional time to advance our projects or even plan and initiate new ones!

After six months of extensive and intensive meetings with experimental composer Alireza Toghiyani the pre production phase of our art installation PROCEDO has been completed. A series of tests and assembly will follow this summer before the planned exhibition following autumn.

While the finalisation and adaption of the concept of our other trans medial and interdisciplinary art installation SINNKLUSION had revealed some technical difficulties, an evaluation of new collabarations with experts in the field of olfactory sciences seems to be a promising next step to complete the pre productions phase this year.

Also the absurdity of our experiences in the past two and a half months inspired us to develope a short film script with the working title CORONA DAYS which is planned to be shot in next month.

And last but not least a new collaboration with Adriana Zangl and Max Mutz resulted in the production of two pilots of a new interview format named ENE MENE SZENE which will go online next week.

More detailed informations concerning our projects will follow.

Take care!