Florian Hack has lived in Vienna since 2014. Raised in Frankfurt, he left there to take study journalism and has worked since then in different corporations and a variety of projects as a PR advisor. Aside of his job Florian often involves himself in one way or another in his friends’ projects. For the short film “The Absent Tense” by Mateusz Wiglinzki Florian built a rain machine and was responsible for the special effects on set. For the social project “Echte Helden sind anders” by Mahir Yildiz Florian operated in his usual role as a press officer and took care of the social media presence. Flo is open and enthusiastic for all kinds of topics which are characterized by message and team spirit and would be also available as a guitarist, graphic designer, host and all press related work.

Collaborations and productions/projects within Kollektiv Gleisdreieck to date:

2017 August

Echte Helden sind anders

pr officer



die versiegelte Zeit  engl. title: the absent tense

short film

special effects