At the core of the Odds & Ends exhibition by Sara Hawy, Benjamin Podoba, and
Mateusz Wiglinzki is an exploration of light as both medium and subject,
inviting viewers to experience a multi-sensory journey that challenges
perceptions and blurs the lines between art and science.

Curated by Mirjana Mustra, the exhibition delves into the realms of abstract
expression, experimentation, and transformative processes, showcasing a
diverse range of mediums that include video, sculpture, collage,
installation, animation, and captivating light installations.

Hawy, Podoba, and Wiglinzki venture into uncharted territories, intervening
in the substance through chemical and thermal processes, pushing the
boundaries of artistic experimentation. The three artists merge their work
into a collective installation that immerses visitors in its world of
reflections and dynamic interplay. The viewers become active participants as
they move through the space and alter the visual landscape by their
presence. The exhibition Odds & Ends seeks to engage the senses, challenging
preconceived notions and inviting contemplation on the interconnectedness of
art, science, and the human experience.

When: 16.-23.02.2024

Where: Spektakel Wien


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions for events of such dimensions we are sorry to announce that our interdisciplinary and transmedial installation SINNKLUSION won’t take place as planned in january 2021. We are currently looking forward to a better situation in autumn 2021!